Spiral Goddess triskelion metallic color-shifting design on geometric stars fashion mask


~ Spiral Goddess triskelion metallic multi-color design on geometric stars fashion mask

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Listing is for one black cotton mask.

Mask is very soft, comfortable, double-layered, and easy through which to breathe.

Mask is 4 1/2″ tall by 6 1/2″ across. Earloops are 3 1/4″ tall by 2″ long.

Design elements include a black background with orange bleached geometric stars pattern and a metallic color-shifting Spiral Goddess and triskelion. Colors shift from orange, purple, yellow gold, and green.

The Spiral Goddess represents our internal feminine power. This spiral represents the creative power within, that rises from our sacral chakra, the chakra that corresponds to our menstrual cycle, our desires, our sexuality, and relationships.

Spiral Goddess is also known as Luna or Triple Goddess symbol. Symbol of the waxing, full, and waning moon and spiral.

The triskelion stands for fertility and renewal. Wiccans recognize the triskele as a symbol of the triple goddess—the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Especially when drawn as a single connected line, the triskele can evoke the eternal cycles of life, death, and birth. Spirals are also mystically related to the generative power of the womb.

Hand wash and hang dry.

DO NOT IRON OVER IMAGE OR PUT IN THE DRYER as this will damage the image on your mask.

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