Listing is for one recycled tie-dye cotton t-shirt dread headband shown.

Dread headband is 3 3/4″ tall by 39″ long.

Design elements include A yellow, lime green, aqua and purple tie dye background with an orange glitter iridescent Metatron’s cube and platonic solids symbols. The colors shift between metallic: orange, purple, green, and yellow.

Dread headband is shown in daylight and with a flash to show the range of different colors. The last image/video represents the dread band best as it shows the color variances, glow(for reflective designs), and details well.

The five Platonic Solids were thought to represent the five basic elements: earth, air, fire, water, and the universe.
• The octahedron is associated with air and cultivating acceptance and compassion.
• The tetrahedron is associated with fire and perpetuates balance and stability.
• The icosahedron is associated with water and enhances creative thought and expression.
• The dodecahedron is associated with the universe and represents mystery and meditation.

Plato stated that the dodecahedron was “used for arranging the constellations on the whole heaven.” The dodecahedron can be seen as representing the universe with the twelve zodiac signs corresponding to the twelve faces of the dodecahedron.

Platonic solids and Metatron’s cube in depth meanings can be found here.

Platonic solids spiritual meanings and alignments with the chakras in-depth information can be found here.

Hand wash and hang dry.

DO NOT IRON OVER IMAGE OR PUT IN THE DRYER as this will damage the image on your dread headband.

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**Colors may vary slightly from the picture due to your monitor settings.